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SHA Cautions Drivers To Not Pass Snow Plows
Friday, February 1, 2013    
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Early Friday morning listeners were calling into the WFMD/WFRE Radio Station talking about an incident that involved a Maryland State Highway snow plow that had taken out some guardrail during the time that drivers were having difficulty driving in the icy conditions.  "It happened along I-70 westbound, near Alternate Route 40," said SHA spokesman Charles Gischler.  "A car passed one of our huge snow plow trucks and the driver had to make an aggressive manuever, which caused his vehicle to take out some guardrail."

SHA reminds motorists to never pass a snow plow.  "It puts our drivers' lives in danger and subsequent to this incident, it damaged the guardrail and slowed up the State Highway Administrations' operations to clear the ice off the roadway," continued Gischler.