Frederick Man Charged With Possession Of Marijuana With Intent To Distribute

He was arrested Tuesday evening during a traffic stop.

A Frederick man was arrested Tuesday  evening for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Noah Grandt Sheppard, 31, was taken into custody following a traffic stop.
Police say an officer with the Street Crimes Team pulled over a vehicle in the area of Jefferson Pike and Butterfly Lane with a non-functioning brake light. While approaching the vehicle, the cop noticed a large cloud of smoke coming out of the driver’s window, and also detected an odor of pot. The driver had the smell of marijuana on his person. Sheppard was placed under arrest.

He told police he had a marijuana in his car. A search netted a plastic bag with nine small baggies containing pot, along with several $20 bills. Officers also found a container in the trunk with gallon size plastic baggie which had the odor of marijuana, and a digital scale.

Sheppard is charged with one count each of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of drug paraphernalia.