Trump, Clinton Continue Leading In Frederick County

Delaney leading in 6th District; Trone Leading in 8th District.

Republican Donald Trump leads among Republican voters in Frederick County.  The Board of Elections shows Trump out ahead in the 6th and 8th Districts with 4982 and  9191 votes respectively.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is leading in both the 6th and 8th Districts by 6914 and 5494  respectively.

In the much watched Senate race, Chris Van Hollen is out ahead 14369 , followed by Donna Edwards with 4979  votes.

On the Republican side, it’s Kathy Szelegal out in front with 5630  votes.

6th District Congressman John Delaney leads in his re-election bid in Frederick County with 9689  votes.  Republican Amie Hoeber leads in her party’s race with 3024  votes.
In the 8th District, it’;s David Trone out in front on the Democratic side with 5501   votes. Throughout the entire district, Jaime Raskin is in the lead with 32,832


Among the Republican candidates, Dan Cox is out in front with 5630  votes.

The Board of Education race sees incumbent Joy Schaefer out in front with 18934  votes. She’s followed by Cindy Rose with 6256  and Michael Bunitsky with 116039  Rose with 2106.  Incumbent Zakir Bengali comes in at number seven with 9547  votes.