Clinton, Trump Win Big In Frederick County In Md. Primary

Delaney & Raskin win in Congressional races.

Both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump scored big in Frederick County during Tuesday’s Maryland Presidential Primary election. Clinton took in 13, 466 votes while Trump won 15,076 in both the 6th and 8th Districts  in Frederick County.

In the Sixth District Congressional Race, incumbent Congressman John Delaney came out on top in the Democratic Primary with 85% of the vote. “These are obviously very, very strong numbers, and we’re very excited about the support we received and we’re grateful,” he said.

During the campaign, Delaney says he will run on his record of working across the aisle in Congress and constituent services. He also says he will have an economic message. “Bringing big ideas, whether they be infrastructure or around education, or things to do get our economy going so that more jobs are available with better pay for more people in the 6th, more people in Maryland and more people across the country,” he says.

Delaney will face Amy Hoeber, who won more than 29% of the Republican vote in the GOP economy. In a statement, she says she will work to bolster national security, business and job growth and a reduction of government intrusion in citizens’ lives.

The top Democratic vote getter in Frederick County’s section of the Eighth Congressional District was David Trone, but Jaime Raskin won the entire district with more than 33% of the vote. He will face Republican Dan Cox in November.

In the much watched Democratic race for the US Senate, Congressman Chris Van Hollen was a big winner over Congresswoman Donna Edwards. He took in about more than 53% of the vote statewide. In Frederick County Van Hollen won 15,373. while Edwards won 5567

In a statement, he said to all Marylanders “I will fight hard for you everyday in the US Senate.” “And I’ve got news for you Donald Trump. You may have won the Maryland Republican Primary, but that’s not who were are in the state of Maryland,” he said in his statement. ” All public life I’ve worked to with many of you to try to bring people together for the common good. And that’s what we’ve got to do as Democrats to make sure that we win the White House in 2016.”

Van Hollen will take on Republican Kathy Szelega in the general election. The candidates are vying for the Senate seat being vacated by long time Senator Barbara Mikulski, who announced she is retiring.

The Frederick County School Board race saw incumbent Joy Schaefer win with 20,367 votes.  She will be joined by newcomers Cindy Rose, Michael Bunitsky,  Ken Kerr, Shirley McDonald and Lois Jarman on the ballot in November.  Incumbent Zakir Bengali lost in his re-election bid.