One Of Two Suspects Charged In Break-In

Police are searching for the other suspect.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested one suspect in connection with a home invasion robbery. William E. Rogers of Kearneysville, WV has been charged with five separate counts of robbery, grand larceny, assault during the commission of a felony and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

Deputies say Rogers and another person broke into a home on Good Folks Road on Tuesday, April 26th, which is the residence  of an 83-year-old man and his 79-year-old wife. They forced the wife who lived there to hand over the money in her purse, and to open a safe to get some cash.

The Sheriff’s Office responded, and a canine unit tracked the path of the suspects to where a vehicle had been parked.

Rogers was arrested on Wednesday by Martinsburg Police on unrelated offenses. They obtained a search warrant on Rogers’ cell phone which he purchased shortly after the break-in, and found a video of him in possession of a large amount of $100 bills.

Jefferson County authorities obtained the information and questioned the clerk who sold Rogers the phone. The salesperson says Rogers paid cash for the phone, and appeared to have more than $10,000 on his person.

Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office got a search warrant for 118 Covert Street in Kearneysville, and found clothing that Rogers wore at the time of the break-in.

Authorities continue to search for the second suspect.