Love this new Pizza boxes

Vinnie’s Pizzeria has made being eco-friendly delicious. The Brooklyn, New York pizza shop has unleashed a pizza pie that comes inside a box actually made of pizza in an attempt to cut down on the amount of cardboard boxes wasted.

“Sometimes I get a little annoyed by customers that ask for a box, and then sit down [in the shop] and eat the piece of pizza and throw the box into my trash can,” co-owner Sean Berthiaume explains. “It got me thinking, I wish they could eat the box.”

This isn’t the first time the pizza maker has gotten creative. Last year, he created a pie that had mini slices of pizza on top. No word on whether Vinnie’s still offers that particular creation, but the pie that comes in an edible box will run you $40.

Source: Gothamist 


pizza box

pizza box