Bob’s Blog: Chicken Law

Why did the Chicken Cross the road? Because she realized she was on the same side of the street as Doc Geisers.
Looks like the quote from SR Rubino has finally come home to roost in Frederick city “Chickens are the new dog!” It may just Ruffle a few feathers.
The Frederick City board Alderman who were tired of walking on egg shells, finally made the decision that will surely make some as happy as a rooster in a hen house and approved an amendment to the city code to permit up to six hens on residential properties
Before the Alderman Stuck their necks out They wanted to make sure that any decision they made didn’t leave them with egg on their face.
I guess they wanted something they could crow about. Opps, sorry roosters are not allowed.

Not everything is as cracked up as it should be. They’re many rules before you can rule the roost
So here are the details :
Eligibility:City residents with individually owned backyards and a lot size of at least 2,500 square feet.
Number:One for every 500 square feet of backyard area, with a maximum of six chickens.
Type:Hens only, no roosters.
Process:Applications approved and licenses given through the public works department.
Enclosures: Hens must be kept in covered, predator-resistant henhouse or coop. The coop must also be within either a fenced backyard or a fenced-in enclosure at least 4 feet high.
Enforcement:Those who violate the regulations in the ordinance can have their licenses revoked or suspended and their birds seized and impounded by animal control officers.
Before we put all our eggs into one basket let’s take a look at one city, Miami who allowed chickens in the city. Now they were running around like “Chickens with their heads cut off” because they had thousands of Ferrell chickens strutting their stuff. That made the same people who allowed it Madder than a wet hen.The problem got so bad they had to hire Chicken buster squads ( I kid you not) to wrangle the feisty Feathered fiends.
I am not trying to be chicken Little here and being afraid the sky is falling. I want to have a Sunny side up attitude about this. But I have a feeling that decision will stick in my craw for a while. If you want to be a farmer, move to the country.
I hope the city didn’t lay an egg.