Frederick Woman Wins $7-Million In Cash4Life

She purchased the ticket at Weis Market on Old Camp Rd.

Maryland’s news millionaire  lives in Frederick. The Lottery and Gaming Control Agency announced that a 61-year-old resident is the winner in the Cash4Life contest, receiving $7-million.

“We had been waiting since last week. And the big winner did come in today {Thursday}. It was a woman and her family. They were very, very excited,” says Erica Palmisano, a spokeswoman for the agency. “She actually didn’t know she had won for a few days. So, when she went to check her ticket, she was shocked. She printed out the numbers and went home to tell her husband.”

When she informed  her husband, she told him she had some good news and somd bad news, according to Palmisano. “The bad is news is that they had to get an inspection for a car that they didn’t think that they had to get inspected. She knew her husband would be a little concerned about the cost. And she said ‘okay, the good news is we won Cash4Life.’ Now they can afford it,” says Palmisano.

Marie decided to tell her family on Mother’s Day, as everyone was sitting outside. “She said there was some crying involved and excitement and jumping up and down,” says Palmisano. “She’s a very humble lady, seems like a wonderful family. It sounds like she’s going to share with her family and makes some conservative decisions.”

The woman would only let the Lottery agency give out her first name which is Marie. She works for the Frederick County School System.

Marie had the choice of taking her winnings as an annuity of $1,000 per day for life, or in one lump sum of $7-million. The Lottery agency says she decided to take the money in one lump sum. After taxes, she’s left with about $4.2-million.

Palmisano says Marie is the first winner of Cash4Life since Maryland became part of the multi-state game in January, 2016. Other states which are members are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Tennessee.

The winning ticket was purchased on May 2nd at the  Weis Market on Old Camp Road.  That Lottery retailer will receive a $7500 bonus for selling the winning ticket.