Spotlight #75: S.O.S. Safe Ride

Our Mission and Story
The Safe Ride Foundation, otherwise known as S.O.S. Safe Ride is a newly formed non-profit organization based in the bustling city of Frederick, Maryland. “Safe Ride” as it is aptly nicknamed, is Frederick’s premier designated driver service, working towards one main goal – providing a safe and friendly conclusion to any night out on the town. We drive you AND your vehicle home safely when you’re simply unable to do so — it’s as simple as that.
We are adults who, just like you, enjoy having a good time. However, we also take pride in making responsible decisions when doing so, both in and out of the bar.
Our organization was founded by people who grew up in this city, who understand its people, its areas, and its social indulgence scene. Most importantly, as a team we’ve begun to really understand the necessity for a designated driver service such as ours, and have in turn educated ourselves on the dangers of drunk driving in an attempt to prevent them.

Some of the facts and statistics:

  • U.S. Law Enforcement, specifically in the state of Maryland is working towards a Zero Tolerance policy of alcohol driving
  • Almost Half of all drivers killed in crashes tested positive for alcohol in their system
  • Over 1.2 Million drivers were arrested in 2014 for driving under the influence of alcohol
    Males are 8% more likely to drive drunk than Females
  • The Rate of Drunk Driving is highest amongst 21 to 25 Year olds
  • Drunk Driving is 6 times more likely at night than it is during the day
  • DUI Conviction can lead to many detrimental consequences including: $5,000-$10,000 in legal fees, Loss of License, Mandatory AA Meetings, Jail Time, Increased Insurance Premiums, Etc.

The typical outgoing bar visitor has different options on how to get themselves home at the end of the night…unfortunately, Frederick’s public transportation options at that time of the evening are extremely limited. Passenger-based car services are few and far between, and other means of public transportation are practically non-existent.

Well this is where Safe Ride comes in…

We provide you the assurance of knowing that regardless of the circumstances, you, your party, and your vehicle will get home safely, without the burden of finding a ride, paying round-trip cab/uber fare, or of course making the terrible decision to get behind the wheel. You have the freedom to drive yourself TO the bar; but let us provide you the luxury of not having to worry about the trip home. Be a passenger in your own car. Crank the stereo or iPod, and laugh about the night’s shenanigans. The rest is taken care of.

We’re an awesome, personable team here; and we want to let the city of Frederick know how much we love the satisfaction that comes with potentially saving a life, and moreover the lives of innocent pedestrians. We do that by providing a solution to a growing problem, and by preventing someone from making the dangerous decision to drive intoxicated.

With the help of our board members, our partners, the local law enforcement, and of course our drivers…. we hope that we can be a great influence on Frederick, and hopefully put an end to impaired driving.