Ellen Barlett Weighs in on Councilman Delaughter’s Allegations against Frederick Council President Bud Otis

FREDERICK, Md. Ellen Bartlett, wife of former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett weighed in on the allegations Councilman Kirby Delaughter is making against Frederick County Councilman Bud Otis. She was on the Morning News Express with Bob Miller Wednesday and said she agrees with Delaughter that the Council President did threaten him.

“What Kirby Delaughter is telling you, I believe is 100% true, because what most people don’t know, Roscoe Bartlett fired Bud Otis for that kind of kick back stuff,” said Ellen. She went on to say,” But, Bud said ‘oh no, please, I’ll just resign’. So my husband let him resign. He should not have let him resign, he should have carried it through, there were other things, too. All through his life this is the kind of thing he has done.”‘

She continued saying, “He went to school at college with my sister and he got one of my sister’s best friend’s pregnant and then he left the state, he ran off for quite a while,” said Ellen, “That’s the kind of person Bud Otis is.”

She said other employees have said similar things about Otis,too.

“He is sneaky, he is underhanded and my husband didn’t believe it. When people told him he did not believe it. He did not believe that Bud was doing those things, but he was and his staff members will tell you,” said Ellen.

Otis was Roscoe Bartlett’s Chief of Staff from 2001 to 2012 when Bartlett represented the 6th District in Maryland.