Maryland Insurance Administration Advising Residents to Prepare For Hurricane Season

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) With hurricane season approaching, residents are being advised to be prepared and take action before extreme weather hits the state. The Maryland Insurance Administration says home owners should create a home inventory list, collect your insurance information, and decide if flood insurance is needed. Joy Hatchette with the Maryland Insurance Administration says most homeowner insurance policies do not cover damage from floods.

“With the heavy rains or if there has been any change with the topography of where you live, such as the trees being moved or a lot of building, and water is beginning to drain towards your home then you really should think about whether or not flood insurance is right for you,” said Hatchette.

She said residents should be weary of people asking to help repair damage after severe weather.

“We frequently have people who are unlicensed that show up after an event and offer to help you. First thing, before you hire any contractor contact the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations to make sure it’s a licensed contractor. Follow the specific rules with respect to providing them with cash,” said Hatchette.

She said after a storm make sure your family is safe and to not approach a downed wire or go near a collapsed roof. Hurricane season officially begins June 1st.