Walkersville Woman Arrested In Frederick For Drug Offenses

Police say she was in possession of heroin & crack cocaine.

Possession of heroin and crack cocaine are just two of the charges filed against a Walkersville woman arrested in Frederick early Thursday morning. Jesse Brooke Erich, 32, was taken into custody in the 1600 block of Rosemont Avenue.

Frederick Police say at around midnight,  Erich was attempting to avoid eye contact with officers in the area, and was walking in a suspicious manner. She was detained by police.

Authorities say Erich was in possession of heroin, crack cocaine and a syringe. In addition, police say Erich had an active bench warrant for theft less than $100.

In addition to possession of heroin and crack cocaine, Erich is also charged with possession of heroin paraphernalia.

She was transported to the Adult Detention Center for processing.


Jesse Brooke Erich.jpg

Jesse Brooke Erich