Police Make Traffic Stop For Distracted Driving, Find Large No. Of Drugs

The driver was arrested.

Frederick Police late Sunday evening stopped a vehicle for distracted driving, and confiscated a large amount of narcotics.

An officer pulled over Matthew Tyler Christensen, 26, of Frederick for talking on a hand held cell phone while driving. When the driver was contacted, the cop detected an odor of marijuana. Authorities say Christensen was questioned about that, and he presented a small bag of pot to the officer. He was placed under arrest.

Christensen’s vehicle was searched, and police found 100-grams of additional marijuana, along with LSD, Viagra pills and MDMA or “ecstasy.”

Christensen was taken to the Adult Detention Center for further processing. He’s charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute LSD, possession of LSD, possession with intent to distribute MDMA (ecstasy), possession of MDMA, possession of Viagra and possession of paraphernalia.