Bat Found Friday In Brunswick Determined To Be Rabid

Anyone who has come into contact with the bat is asked to call their physician.

The Frederick County Health Department says a bat that was found Friday in Brunswick has tested positive for rabies. Officials say the mammal was seen on a sidewalk Friday morning across from the Brunswick MARC station and in front of the American Legion hall. .

Animal Control Officers retrieved the bat for testing.
Anyone who has had contact with the bat should see their health care provider, and notify the Health Department Community Health Services office at 301-600-3342. . If your pet has come into contact with the bat, you should call your veterinarian, and notify the Health Department’s Environmental Health Office at 301-600-1717.

Rabies is fatal to humans, health officials say.

Its symptoms in animals consist of fear of water, limping, failure to eat or drink, excessive salivation, unusually friendly or aggressive behavior, or nocturnal animals coming out during the day.

“To protect your family from possible rabies exposure, do not touch or play with wild or stray animals and make sure your pets are currently vaccinated,” says Barry Glotfelty, Director of the Health Department’s Environmental Health Services, in a statement.

The Department also says if you suspect a rabid animal has come on to your property, don’t try to contain it. Call Animal Control at 301-600-1544.