Man Charged With Possession Of Stolen Handgun

He was arrested on Thurs.

An Ijamsville man who didn’t pay his taxi fare in bigger trouble than that. Markel Demar Lyles-Smith, 34,. was arrested on Thursday for possession of a stolen handgun. He’s charged with wearing, carrying and transporting a handgun, and possession of a regulated firearm, having reasonable cause to believe it had been stolen.

A Frederick Police officer was called to the 700 block of Motter Avenue for a report of a theft. Lyles-Smith didn’t pay his fare.

When an officer arrived, Lyles-Smith asked if he could go into his grandfather’s apartment to get money to pay the fare. The cop agreed, but followed him inside the home. While inside, the officer noticed that Lyles-Smith was trying to conceal something. When he removed his pants, police say a semi-automatic handgun was observed. Authorities did a check on the gun, and found out it was stolen from Annapolis.

Lyles-Smith was taken to the Adult Detention Center for processing.


Markel Demar Lyles-Smith