Disagreement Continues Between Frederick County Executive Gardner and Councilman Delauter Over Local Trash Company Landfill Access

FREDERICK, Md. During a recent interview with Bob Miller on the Morning News Express, the disagreement between Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter, county staff and County Executive Jan Gardner took another step in the direction of a potential lawsuit.

Delauter has suggested that J and J Trash company is being denied landfill access and wants to take the issue to circuit court. To Delauter, it should be a simple cut and dry issue for Gardner, who he claims cannot make a simple interpretation of an existing ordinance.

“It lays right at her feet, all she has to do is read the ordinance that says any refuse that is picked up within the confines of Frederick County can be disposed of at a Frederick County facility,” said Delauter

He continued the conversation, saying the company is being singled out and targeted by Gardner.

Delauter had one message for the county staff, “Ya know, I’ll put a challenge out there right now, if they sue the county and they win, then the two directors should resign, and if they sue the county and lose, I’ll resign,” said Delauter.

It’s not certain if J&J Trash, who is a constituent of Delauter, will move forward with a lawsuit. They are losing money each day that the disagreement continues.