Blue Lives Matter Rally To Be Held In Frederick

FREDERICK, Md. (DG)-Within the past three weeks, ten law enforcement officers across the country have been killed in the line of duty.

Dan Sullivan, a Frederick City Police Officer, will be hosting a Blue Lives Matter Rally this Sunday at 4:30 pm in Downtown Frederick to honor police officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Sullivan hopes this event can bring unity between the community and law enforcement.

“Murders have taken place and are a result of specific ambushes on police officers because people feel that its okay to kill police officers now,” Sullivan said. “I think it hurts the community as a whole and I think it obviously hurts police officers in general because we are all one large family.”

He hopes people come to the event with banners and signs supporting law enforcement.

“It is important for people to come out and heal. Anybody that believes in the rule of law and a just and peaceful society should come out to the rally and support one another,” Sullivan said.

The event will take place at the intersection of North Bentz Street and West Second Street in Frederick, Maryland.