Auto Theft Declining

7/28/16 AB

Local citizens will be happy to know that auto theft continues to drop in the state of Maryland, but Christine Delise with AAA warns drivers to stay cautious.

“Despite the downward trend of motor vehicle thefts, motorists need to continue to be vigilant especially in the summer as auto thefts tend to spike during July and August.” Said Delise.

Delise says there are ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of auto theft.

“There are some simple steps that motorists can take to keep their vehicles protected such as using an anti-theft device such as a club which is a very inexpensive item that you can put on your steering wheel and take off” said Delise.

Almost all auto thefts involve driver error and can be easily avoided by simply locking your vehicle and closing your windows. For more information go to and follow us on Facebook and Twitter at 930 WFMD