Pipe Bomb Suspect Arrested By Thurmont Police


THURMONT, Md. (DG)-Thurmont Police have arrested the person responsible for using a pipe bomb to blow up the front of a police SUV early Wednesday morning.

After an intense investigation, Kyle Mueller, 22, of Thurmont was taken into custody. Police Chief Greg Eyler said evidence collected at the scene helped investigators determine Mueller placed the pipe bomb on the vehicle in front of the officer’s home.

“Located at the scene, lying next to the vehicle was what appeared to be a pipe bomb or improvised explosive device. The pipe was covered with a burnt residue consistent with a Black Powder type material,” Eyler said. “Duct taped to the exterior of the pipe were 2 ½ inch finishing metal nails. Also, found was a partial end cap that had blown off, which had a small diameter hole drilled through it, which is common for inserting a fuse as an ignition device. Items were collected and were sent to the ATF laboratory to be analyzed.”

Witnesses reported seeing a Toyota Highlander fleeing from the scene. Also left next to the police SUV on July 31st was a bag of trash from Burger King with a receipt inside. That was also collected as evidence.

Chief Eyler said detectives linked receipts from a debit card used by Mueller to purchase food from Burger King and black powder from a gun shop in Waynesboro, PA.

Friday shortly before 8 PM, Mueller was seen driving a Toyota Highlander at the drive thru for Burger King. He was taken into custody and transported to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center

Mueller has been charged with malicious destruction of property, reckless endangerment, destructive device manufacturing, destructive device possession, destructive device user, and destructive device storage. His was set at $300,000.