Relocated Monocacy Blvd. Near Rt. 15 Set To Open On Sun.

It’s all part of an interchange project in that area.

Frederick, Md (KM)  Motorists who use Monocacy Boulevard east of Route 15 will notice something different during the week of August 7th. The State Highway Administration says the roadway has been temporarily relocated. Spokesman Charlie Gischlar says it’s all part of the $59-million interchange project which will connect Monocacy Boulevard and Christopher’s Crossing.

“You will not have any diminished capacity. You’ll still have the same lanes and available to access everything,” he says. “But we need to do that so that we can start to construct the bridge portion of the interchange project.”

Gischlar says this project will help ease congestion on that stretch of Route 15. “It’s really going to help reduce conflict points, meaning at-grade type of conflict points. You’re going to putting traffic over the highway so that’s a big safety feature. Plus, you won’t have so much congestion around that very busy intersection now,” he says.

The interchange project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018, weather permitting, SHA says. “Although we had some rainy spring and summer days, we were able to keep up the pace with it, and do other work that you could do in the rain as part of the project. So everything is working out pretty well,” says Gischlar.

When the interchange project is finished, he says the new Monocacy Boulevard east of Route 15 will open to traffic. But access to Route 15 from Hayward Road will close.