Theft and Fraud Prevention Workshop

Local citizens continue to be targeted by online scammers and Congressman John Delaney will be holding a workshop at Frederick Community College tomorrow evening (Aug 9) at 6pm to talk about safety precautions. Delaney discusses the importance of the workshop.

“We did an identity theft and fraud protection workshop in the past year and it was a big success because unfortunately this is a big problem that many of my constituents face” said Congressman Delaney.

The workshop will have a panel discussion and a one-on-one session.

“Obviously the whole notion of identity theft became a big issue when we had the master data breech with the federal workforce, but it happens to people who are government workers and not government workers. It happens to all types of constituents of mine and unfortunately many of our seniors are preyed upon” said Delaney.

The event is open to everyone and registration is encouraged and can be found on online. For more information go to and follow us on Facebook and Twitter at 930 WFMD.