8/10/16 AB

People from across the world are heading to Frederick this weekend to enjoy the nation’s only High Wheel Race and Tour De Frederick. Melissa Muntz with Visit Frederick talks about what these events mean to the community.

“Like I said we are just really excited about these opportunities to bring in visitors from all over the country and all over the world to show them how great Frederick is” said Muntz.

Muntz says it’s a family friendly event, and the races normally bring a large attendance.

“Certainly Market Street will be closing for the portion that the race is on. I believe at 2pm on Saturday. So certainly avoid the portion of Market Street near Brewers Alley for that time period, but we have parking decks all over the city and all over downtown that can be used. There’s one by the Frederick visitor center that should be accessible” said Muntz.

You can browse ” Visit Frederick” online to get the times and locations of the races this weekend. For more information to go and follow us on Facebook and Twitter at 930 WFMD.