Not Too Many Problems Reported On 1st Day Of School In Frederick Co.

.School officials say enrollment close to 41,000 students.

Frederick, Md. (KM)  Everything went smoothly on Monday for the first day of school in Frederick County, according to School System Spokesman Michael Doerrer. “We just had perfect weather for the first day back to school. Our buses were on time. We had a 98% on time rate for our buses. We had almost 500 buses on the road running 343 different routes across the country, getting our students to their schools and classes on time today. That’s a great way to start the school day,” he says.

School system Transportation Director Fred Punturiero says he expects drivers  and students will adjust to the new schedule over the next few weeks. Parents are invited to go to to find out which buses are running later than 10-minutes.

Doerrer says there were some students who were late for school, or weren’t sure what to do when they got to school. “Especially for the younger kids who maybe this is their first time at school, got the kindergardeners, got the first graders,” he says. “But our teachers, our administrators, our bus drivers–this is what they do. They understand how to help our students, and parents, honestly, adjust, get into the routines, get into the habits of school.”

But it all went like clockwork on the first day of school, says Doerrer, thanks to teachers and administrators. “If you saw any of our buildings across the county, they were there welcoming parents, welcoming students, making sure everybody got to where they need to go,” he says. “There are definitely  going to be adjustments as we ease back into the school year. But, by and large, things got off to an amazing start today.”

Doerrer also says enrollment is close to 41,000 students.