This Dog loves his family !!

Rylee the dog is exactly the type of pet you want. While out boating on Lake Michigan, Edward and Kristin Casas say their pooch went overboard while his human dad was fixing a mechanical issue and she was steering. They put out a mayday call and several fisherman responded, including Lynn Fiedor. She helped spread the word about the missing pup via other fisherman and social media.
By that night, there was no word of Rylee. The next morning, the Casas’ got a call from Fiedor that their dog had been spotted at a nearby campground. It turns out the dog had swum more than six miles to shore than walked another 12-miles through the woods to the campground. Fiedor told the couple the best way to attract lost dogs is to mark their scent around their truck before lying down with Rylee’s food and toys.Just after Edward squeaked one of Rylee’s toys, the pooch came from the woods and ran to her owners. “Let me tell you, I’m not the kind of guy that cries but oh did this make me cry,” Edward admits. “I am so proud of this dog and so proud of and grateful for Lynn [Fiedor].”

Source: ABC News