Walmart Cancels Plans To Build On Golden Mile

FREDERICK, Md. (DG) Walmart has scraped plans to build a new store on the Golden Mile leaving many Frederick City leaders and community members in dismay. Justin Kiska, President of the Golden Mile Alliance, said this was unexpected.

“I mean it was absolutly shocking up until and through last week last I had heard is everything was still moving along. It was just a matter of waiting for state highway to sign off and everybody was ready to go,” said Kiska.

The nation’s largest retailer had planned to build a super store in the old Frederick Towne Mall location. Kiska said for several years the Frederick City had been making preparations for this construction.

“Walmart was not always everybody’s favorite, but at the time they were the only ones that were going to be able to come in and really be the linchpin for this re-development. So finding someone to replace them, now granted this was years ago, when this all started other big name companies might not have been able to at the time. The economy is three years older, things are better, maybe there is a chance now one of the other entities that passed on it might look at it again,” said Kiska.

In April, workers began demolishing the vacant Frederick Towne Mall to make way for the Wal-Mart and 16 other retail shops. The city also has been working to improve mass transit and pedestrian routes in the area.

By:  Dianah Gibson