WV Man Sentenced Monday For Assaulting His Former Girlfriend In Frederick

He will be put on put on five-years supervised probation.

Frederick, Md. (KM)  A Martinsburg, WV man will be spending some time in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. Scott Tyler Smith, 29, was sentenced on Monday in Circuit Court to 18-months in jail for 2nd-degree assault, following by five-years of supervised probation.

Smith was arrested in February of this year for assaulting his former girlfriend. The victim was slapped and choked. He was also arrested in March for assaulting the same woman. “The maximum penalty for 2nd-degree assault in each case was ten years,” says Lindy Angel, Chief of the Family Violence Unit of the State’s Attorney’s Office. “In the first case, the judge imposed the ten-years and suspended all but 18-months for the defendant to serve in the Adult Detention Center.”

In the second case, says Angel, Smith was given 10-years, but all of that was suspended.

She says the prosecution wanted more jail time, but the judge had a different idea. “Given the fact that I think that he had completed some drug and alcohol program in jail. He was taking his addiction very seriously and I think he had some people here to speak on his behalf,” says Angel.

When he gets out of jail, he will be placed on five-years of supervised probation. “His conditions include drug and alcohol free with random screening;  treatment as directed. He is to attend a batterer’s course, and have no contact with the named victim in this case,” says Angel.

But, she says, if Smith violates his probation after getting out of jail, he could be returned to the Detention Center to finish out his term.

In both cases where he assaulted his former girlfriend, Angel says Smith was highly intoxicated.

By Kevin McManus