BOE Candidates Talk About Experience

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) In one month we will be heading to the polls to elect a new President and three new members for the Frederick County Board of Education.

Board of Education member, Joy Schaefer is running for re-election after just finishing her first term.

“During my four years, I enhanced my understanding of education issues as they relate to our school system. I also have worked a lot with and built some very good relationships with leaders across the state, in our county, at the federal level and all of that knowledge is very school board specific and all of those relationships would really help Frederick County.So I felt like I should do another four years to just leverage all of that,” said Shaefer.

Cindy Rose is also running to a seat on the Board of Education and explains why she is seeking office.

“Local control. I really want our children to be learning what we want them to learn, not what corporate outsiders, for-profit people want and believe our children should be learning and they’ll make billions off of it. That’s what is currently happening in our education. They don’t care about our children, they care about dollars. I want to put the control back into our community where we actually care about the future of our children not about the money that will be made off of education. That’s my main reason for running. We need to be controlling what’s happening in those classrooms,” said Rose.

The General Election will be held on November 8th. To hear the complete interviews with Joy Schaefer and Cindy Rose tune into Frederick’s Forum this Saturday at 7 AM.