Local Snow Plow Drivers Getting Ready For Winter

They took part in the annual Snow ‘Roadeo’  on Tuesday.

Frederick, Md (KM) While many of us are enjoying the autumn foliage and sipping apple cider, here’s a friendly reminder: winter will soon be here.

The plow drivers for Frederick County Highway Operations have been getting ready for the first snowflakes. “It’s take about a month, actually it’s going to take about a month and a half this year to get our trucks completely ready for snow removal,” says Superintendent Bill Routzahn. “Putting the hitches, plows and the salt spreaders on, and making sure that everything is functioning.”

In addition, he says, the county has been stocking up on supplies, such as road salt. “Right now, we are for the most part stocked up,” says Routzahn. “We could a little bit in our Thurmont depot and a little bit in Jefferson. And as we start using material throughout the year, we’ll place an order as we need it.”

On Tuesday, Frederick County snow plow drivers took part in the annual Snow “Roadeo”  at the Frederick Fairgrounds. It featured  contests with a one-ton truck, a ten-ton truck an, backhoe, gradall, skid loader, grader and tailor backing. Routzahn says it was a competition, but it also helped get drivers acclimated to the snow and ice conditions on the roads. “Get your mindset on driving a truck with a plow that hangs out the front of it, and the salt-spreader on the back,” he says. “Just getting them accustomed on what’s coming up in the next few months.”

We haven’t heard these instructions for a while, but Routzahn says if you happen to be driving during a snow storm, give the plow drivers plenty of room. “A lot of time we have to back up because we can’t make a turn and we’re going to have a back up and make a complete turn in a cul-de-sac. At intersections, we’re constantly backing up. So give us some room,” he says.

By Kevin McManus