Kathy Szeliga Hoping to Gain Votes in Maryland to Win Open Senate Seat Against VanHollen

FREDERICK,Md. (KR)  On November 8th we will be heading to the polls to elect a new Senator from Maryland to fill the seat left vacant by Senator Barbara Mikulski. Kathy Szeliga, the republican candidate who serves as the minority leader in the State House says she understands the tools and change that people in Maryland need to get back to work and bring change to Washington.

“Look, frankly Washington is broken and a career politician have really turned this country the wrong direction. I’m rolling up my sleeves, I want to go to Washington to fix this problem,” said Szeliga.

She said with her qualifications and as a small business owner of a construction company she knows how to empower Marylanders with better opportunities from a different standpoint than her competition, Congressman Chris VanHollen.

“In 2011 I took office in the Maryland General Assembly with some great Frederick people. Kelly Schultz, Mike Hough and I went in together to Annapolis and to the House and in 2013 I was elected to be the Minority Whip; which is the leader in the House Republican Caucasus,” said Szeliga.

She said she wants to be knows as a hard working Senator that represents Maryland families and speak for families and small business owners.

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