Judge Dismisses One Theft Scheme Charge Against Former Golf Pro

The trial continues on the other offense.

Frederick, Md (KM)  One of the theft scheme counts against Donald Joseph Frost, 51, of Dickerson was dismissed on Friday. Frost, the former manager of the Clustered Spires Golf Course in Frederick, was accused of retrieving the lost balls and selling them to a company to be reconditioned….and keeping all of the profits.

The judge ruled that those golf balls did not belong to the city, but had been abandoned. The prosecution disagreed. “It’s obvious these balls were the property of Frederick City. It obvious that the balls that were cleaned out of the lake were sold and accounted for. However, all the other balls were actually taken by Don Frost who had a cash deal, had a side deal with a vendor to sell those. We believe that he collected those balls and collected those monies that were due the City of Frederick and we thought that that was a theft,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith.

Frost,whose been on trial for stealing money when he was manager of Clustered Spires,  is still charged with another count of theft scheme. Prosecutors  allege  that he sold golf grips that  belonged to the City of Frederick, which owns Clustered Spires, and kept the profits for himself.

Smith says the State has rested its case, and the defense began calling witnesses to the stand on Friday, “including one golf pro, which stated that it essentially is  not uncommon to have a cash box which we disagreed with, obviously,” says Smith.

Witnesses stated that Frost kept the money collected from sales of golf grips in a particular  box.

Smith says the trial is expected to continue into next week, and he anticipates the case will to go to the jury then.

By Kevin McManus