Dan Cox Hoping to Win Maryland’s 8th District in the General Election

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) Republican Candidate Dan Cox is hoping to make Maryland’s 8th Congressional District stronger by beating out his opponent next month in the General Election. Cox says Senator Jamie Raskin will not bring the changes that he hopes to make with tax reform, job growth and on the roadways.

He said health care is an important issue that he plans to tackle if elected.

“The news just came out yesterday, twenty-five percent premium increases in Obama Care and it’s unsustainable. It’s not affordable. I think that needs to be a top priority to change. I’ve been standing against that measure ever since they were attempting to pass it and absolutely would like to repeal it and replace it,” said Cox.

Cox said as a small business owner and attorney he will work hard to get our economy moving again by bringing jobs back to District 8.

“Our jobs are probably the number one issue. The jobs and the economy. We all face this everyday. We look at the regulations that are coming from Washington and some of them are very oppressive and not reasonably calculated to help growth and help small businesses to help bring in those new employees. Particularly, we have a problem in Maryland where our tax burden is already so high,” said Cox.

The Maryland General Election is on November 8th. To hear the full interview with Dan Cox tune into Frederick’s Forum this Saturday at 7AM.

BY: Katie Ryan