New Locations for The Vet Center Being Offered in Frederick

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) Veterans who may be suffering with PTSD and aren’t able to make it over to the veteran center in Martinsburg, West Virginia will now have some local options to get the counseling they need.

Greg Edens with the Veteran Outreach Program says it is 100-percent free and confidential.

“Part of this program is we do these community access centers, which are kind of, what you could consider tentacles of the Vet Center program itself, to be able to push out qualified clinicians into the community. Veterans don’t have to take off work or travel lengthy distances just to be able to go get help for their service to the country,” said Edens.

The local counseling locations will be at Frederick Community College and at the Department of Aging.

“What we do is we separate ourselves from the medical center to be in the community to be more accessible to the veteran and their family. Eligibility-wise the veteran would just need to have some type of a combat deployment, doesn’t necessarily need to see combat, but any type of in-support-of operation type of thing,” said Edens.

Veterans spouses and family members are also eligible for counseling at these out reach locations.

BY: Katie Ryan