Senator-Elect Van Hollen Says Trump Will Have A Hard Time Reaching Out To Dems

He says this is due to Trump waging a ‘divisive’ campaign.


Baltimore, Md.(KM)  It will be a “great burden” for President-elect Donald Trump to reach out to Democrats in Congress in order to get things done. That’s according to 8th District Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who won the seat of retiring US Senator Barbara Mikulski on Tuesday. “He did run a very divisive campaign, and I do think there’s a great burden on Donald Trump to reach out to the entire country, not just in words but in deeds, to show people through his action that he wants to be a President for all Americans,” he says.

Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race, after a long and bitter campaign. During that time, Trump often criticized and even insulted some Americans and others who  he blamed for the nation’s ills.

Van Hollen says Trump’s candidacy struck a nerve among some Americans who are struggling economically. “There are lots of people in this country who are hurting economically, who are feeling very squeezed financially,” he said.

But Van Hollen says he didn’t like Trump’s approach. “The problem I had with Donald Trump was that he didn’t really put any ideas on the table for addressing those economic grievances,” he said. “He sort of said those grievances are caused by other people who may look different, or sound different or pray to a different God.”

He says efforts by President-elect Trump to reach out to other citizens may take some time. “I’m happy to be somebody who has always tried to build bridges. And I hope to have the opportunity to do that. But I think there’s a lot of heeling to do,” says Van Hollen.

But he says he remains optimistic. “I look forward to working with a  President whose interested in really moving the country forward. And just like we want to work here in Maryland as ‘Team Maryland,’ as Republicans and Democrats to move our state forward,”says Van Hollen.

By Kevin McManus