FCPS Wants To Hear From Parents

It’s conducting a survey for parents with children in public schools.


Frederick, Md (KM)  Parents of Frederick County Public School students are being asked to take a perceptual survey of their children’s schools. Spokesman Michael Doerrer says school system officials want to know what parents think of the schools their kids attend. “It measures everything from how welcome parents feel in school, to how safe our students feel in school. So it measures all aspects of the school environment and the school climate. And it’s feedback from the community, from parents, from students. And that feedback helps us improve,” he says.

The survey is available on line at https://surveys,panoramaed.com/fcps. It requires an access code to enter. That was sent by each school to parents via e-mail from the FCPS FindOutFirst service, or in a communication sent home to parents.

The survey went on line on October 25th, and Doerrer says so far, 3,000 responses have been received. “That’s one of the great things about Frederick County. When you ask people to help you out by giving feedback, they really do respond. Our community is really good about that and we really appreciate it,” he says.

The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, November 18th.

Doerrer says the results will be used to help make improvements to area schools. “Principals, administrators, teachers use it. They turn the feedback into action and they use that information to make tangible improvements in the school, ” he says.

The parents’ survey is being conducted in conjunction with a similar poll for teachers, and other employees to learn their satisfaction with the school climate and other aspects of employment with the school system.

By Kevin McManus