Two Frederick County Farms To Be Featured On MPT

That  will air next Tues.


Ownings Mills, Md (KM)  The TV show “Maryland Farm and Harvest” will be featuring two Frederick County farms next week. Producer Sara Sampson says the program on Maryland Public Television will shine the spotlight on the Sweet Farm at 11301 Renner Road in Woodsboro. “They make sauerkraut. They grow their own cabbage and other vegetables and they ferment it,” says Sampson. “As many people probably know, sauerkraut is actually is a traditional Maryland dish in a lot of families.”

The other agricultural operation will be the Persistence Run Farm at 10171 Masser Road in Frederick. On its website, the farm says it raises grass fed beef cattle and pastured non-GMO pork. Sampson says the farm also raises Belted Gateway cattle, which have white fur in the center that makes them look like an Oreo cookie. “They’re black and white and they have really long coats,” she says. “They’re just a really neat looking cow.”

The program featuring these two farms will air  next Tuesday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM on MPT.

“Maryland Farm and Harvest” is entering its fourth season on television. Sampson says MPT production crews have traveled all over the state to tell the story of the men and women who raise the food that ends up on our plates. In the process, they visit a number of unique farms. “We want to introduce people to the farmers, to the people who are actually raising the food. But we want to introduce people to a wide variety of farms,” she says.

A lot of the video shot for these programs features farmers at work. Sampson acknowledges that this present some challenges. “We try and stay out of the way. But we also want to be in the action because everything we’re getting is going out to our viewers, and we want viewers to feel like they’re’ there on the farm,” she says.

But Sampson says the farmers who have invited MPT production crews to their farms have been very accommodating.

Since it went on the air four years ago, Sampson says “Maryland Farm and Harvest” has been very popular with viewers. “I attribute a lot of that to people all around the state that  are really interested in where their food comes from, and interested in seeing the processes that we’re showing, and seeing the people who are doing the farming,” she says.

By Kevin McManus