Students in Maryland Take to the Streets to Protest Election

No students in Frederick County have protested.

FREDERICK, Md. (DG) The fall-out over President-Elect Donald Trump continues. On Monday, hundreds of students in Montgomery County walked out of class to protest last week’s election.

Michael Doorer, with Frederick County Public Schools, said so far they haven’’t had to deal with the ‘election anger’.

“No, we have not had any students in Frederick County express interest. I’ve talked to several of our principals and we just have not heard any indications of that in Frederick County,” said Dorrer.

He said students have a right to express their opinion and this election could be a ‘teach-able’ moment.

“Our job in Frederick County Public Schools is to educate our students, number one. We want to turn current events, whatever they may be, into learning opportunities. So again, how can we talk about current events in productive ways that are respectful of all views? How can we engage in that civil discourse in ways that don’t tear people down, but produces productive debates?” said Dorrer.

Over the past week, students across the country have left their classrooms to express their frustration over Trump’s election victory.

BY: Dianah Gibson