911 Tapes From Bear Attack Released

It shows the  victim was afraid of the bear after it attacked her, and was worried she would die.


Frederick, Md. (KM)  The 911 tapes from Wednesday’s bear attack in Frederick County have been released.

The 13-minute audio starts with Karen Osborne, 63, calling Emergency Communications Center. “A bear has attacked me. I’m laying in the driveway,” she said. “What attacked you,” the dispatcher asked. “A bear. And it’s here. Please help me. Please help me,” she continued. “Please come now. Please come now. I’ve been attacked by this bear, and he’s coming back.”

The incident occurred in the area of 7613 Irongate Lane to the northwest of Frederick. She was lying in a fetal position when she called 911 on he cell phone, according to officials.

“Hurry! He’s broken my arms and my legs. I can’t move. And I’m bleeding and I’m going to die,” Osborne said. The dispatcher said “we’re sending help as soon as possible.”

After that, she said. “Oh my God, here he comes. Please dear God, no! Please dear God, no!”

Osborne felt she was going to die, and made a request of the dispatcher. “He’s getting ready to attack me again. Please tell my husband I love him,” she said.

The dispatcher said he would stay on the line with her as long as she needed him.

Police, fire and EMT personnel did come her rescue. “I’m been attacked by a bear. He’s around here someplace,” she told emergency workers. “My arms are broken. My legs are broken, I think. I’m chewed on the back, on my head.”

Osborne was taken to Meritus Medical Center, where she was listed in good condition on Thursday.

Her husband, Ronald, told The Associated Press that his wife required more than 70 stitches, and has wounds on her head and torso, as well as broken left arm. He says she’s in a lot of pain, but she’s  “a tough babe.”

Natural Resources Police say they tracked the bear and killed it early Thursday morning. It was a 200-pound female who had cubs. Officials say the cubs are mature enough to live on their own, and were let go.

Department of Natural Resources says this is the first time a bear has attacked anyone in Maryland in many years.

By Kevin McManus