Thanksgiving Dinner Fire Safety Precautions

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  Thanksgiving is the peak day each year for home cooking fires, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. The State Fire Marshal’s office is asking homeowners to keep fire safety top of mind in the kitchen during the holiday.

Bruce Bouche, the Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal says turkey fryers should be place on a hard solid, non-combustable surface too cook in.

“You also want to make sure it’s out from under any cover. You don’t want it under any tree branches, you don’t want it under any type of roof, or in a garage or anything of that nature. If there is a flash fire, anything above it could quickly catch fire,” said Bouche.

He said children should also be kept away from a hot stove or oven area.

“You can also come up with differen’t things that they can do to help with the holiday meal, but outside of the kitchen so that they are not anywhere near potential of getting a sculd burn or worse injury,” said Bouche.

Fire officials say if a fire does occur to get everyone out first and to close all doors behind you to help prevent the fire from spreading. Then, call 911 for help.