Two Frederick Men Face Additional Charges

They were arrested in Nov. after they were in possession of stolen goods.


Frederick, Md. (KM) Two Frederick men who were arrested on November 13th for thefts from motor vehicles are facing additional charges. Police say Bobbie Lee Vansteinburg, 37, and Bradley Eugene Ambush, 37, were apprehended when several items stolen from motor vehicles were found in their possession.

But some property the two had could not linked to thefts from vehicles reports.

A detective assigned to analyze the items found the owners of a computer tablet and a G-P-S system. They were contacted and told investigators that these items were reported stolen from vehicles prior to the arrests of Vansteinburg and Ambush.

Police also learned that Ambush sold a stolen GPS unit to a pawn shop.

Both men were served with criminal summons on Wednesday. They’re charged with three counts of theft and one count of theft scheme.

By Kevin McManus