Apple can’t keep a Secret

With the upcoming iPhone 8 expected to sell upwards of 150 million units, it tends to be more difficult to keep secrets under wraps. The most prevalent of the rumors is that at least one of the three phones will have a curved OLED screen. That screen will allegedly be 4K-capable with an embedded “home” button.

To make this new design possible, Apple turned to Samsung to help out. On top of that, users can allegedly expect wireless charging capability. Anything else at this point is pure speculation. After all, the other rumor is that they’re currently testing ten different prototypes before settling on the final product.

Considering this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple fanboys are foaming at the mouth for something really special. Still, everyone will have to wait until September of next year to find out for sure what the company has in store for them. No doubt, though…expectations are high on this one.

Source: Maxim