Don’t make these mistakes when decorating this Holiday.

As you’re decking the halls at your house, you want everything to look just right. So make sure you’re not making any of these common decorating mistakes this year.

You’ve gone from festive to cluttered – If your crocheted Christmas carolers are a tradition at your house, proudly put them out. But tone down the knicknacks so you don’t look like a crazy old lady hoarder.

Your color palette is limited to red and green – Yes, to purists, these are THE Christmas colors, but blue, white, and metallics look lovely as well.

You put out one too many lawn inflatables – People love a cute Santa and Rudolph in the yard, but when you’ve added some holiday-themed Minions and the cast of “Toy Story” to your inflatables collection, it’s out of control. Remember guys – less is more.

And go crazy on the scented candles – Those fake pine and Christmas cookie scented candles can be overpowering, so when you want the scents of the season, make a natural homemade stovetop potpourri with cinnamon, cloves, and cranberries instead.

You put your Christmas tree in the wrong spot – You already hauled the family to the cut-your-own tree farm, so take the extra time to rearrange the furniture in your house to make the Christmas the focal point. If you can set it up in a spot it can be enjoyed from several vantage points, that’s the best. But be sure to keep it away from the wood stove!

You forget the best decor can be picked up in your front yard – No need to buy a nativity scene when you can look on your lawn for some tree branches and pinecones to make a festive and rustic DIY mantle decoration for free.

You keep all your Christmas cards in a mail pile on the counter – With some ribbon and the holiday cards you get in the mail you can create your own Pinterest worthy garland display. That’s way more fun than leaving them in a pile with the bills.

Source: PureWow