AAA Mid-Atlantic Study Shows Drivers Should Sleep 7 Hours

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) AAA Mid-Atlantic is warning drivers that missing 1-2 hours of sleep can double their crash risk. According to new research from AAA Mid-Atlantic, drivers should sleep a recommended seven hours before hitting the road.

Christine Delise, with AAA, says in the study, nearly 1 in 3 drivers admitted that at least once in the past month they drove when they were so tired they hard a hard time keeping their eyes open.

“We found, the more sleep that you miss, the risk increases. If you miss 2-3 hours of sleep you more than quadruple the risk of a crash compared to drivers getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep,” said Delise.

She said symptoms of drowsy driving include having trouble keeping eyes open, drifting from lanes or not remembering the last few miles driven.