SHA Reminds Drivers to Move Over on Highways When Approaching Emergency Responders

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) The State Highway Administration is stressing the importance of the Move Over Law that is in place to save the lives of first responders and emergency personnel. The SHA says troopers continue to be hit by drivers not paying attention even with the law in place.

Charlie Gischlar, with the SHA, says moving over lanes can mean the difference between life and death.

“We want everyone to get home safely. Whether it’s the driver in the vehicle that is moving over like they are supposed to or whether it’s the trooper or State Highway personnel that are trying to help people. I mean, they’re out there to assist a disabled vehicle or to clear an incident as quickly as possible,” said Gischlar.

He said if you find yourself disabled or in an accident to move out of the roadway as far as you can.

“If you’re out on an interstate, call #77, it goes to the closest state police barrack. State Highway folks are there as well, so even if you just run out of gas, which you hopefully shouldn’t do, or became disabled. Folks will be there to help and we want to come out and help, not only because you’re there but because we want to clear whatever it is as quickly as possible,” said Gischlar.

Gischlar said this year alone there were 37 State Troopers struck from a vehicle that didn’t move over.