SHA Reminds Drivers to be Prepared for Winter Weather Driving Conditions

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) This weekend the forecast is showing a possibility of freezing rain and ice. The State Highway Administration says now is the time that drivers should be preparing for harsh driving conditions and the possibility of being disabled on the roadway during a winter storm.

David Buck, Spokesperson with the Maryland State Highway Administration says weather can change and quickly become dangerous.

“The main thing is to make sure you do have a cell phone that’s charged. We do not condone and want you to use it, but the reason you have it is in case of an emergency. If you’re on an interstate call #77. There are state highway folks that can help and state police that can help,” said Buck.

He said it’s important that drivers don’t ever try to pass a plow truck ahead of you.

“The safest place to be anywhere that you may be on the road if there’s any inclement weather is behind the plow and well behind the plow. Out in front of it obviously the road hasn’t been treated from until the last time the plow truck was there,” said Buck.

Buck said this weekend there is a possibility of ice and freezing conditions and the men and women of the SHA are fully prepared and ready for any winter weather coming our way.