Tricks to getting better sleep.

If you have been burning the candles at both end, and you need to catch up on sleep. Try these tips to help you get more ZZZZ’s

Eat dinner earlier – Just how early, you ask? Three hours before you hit the sheets is a good guideline. If you do end up eating later, go for something light and doesn’t have lots of saturated fats. Sorry, but that means no night cheese.

Take melatonin chews – If you’re suffering from insomnia, it could mean your melatonin levels are off. Melatonin is a hormone your body makes and it helps regulate your sleep/wake cycle, so taking a supplement an hour before bed can boost your body’s production of it and help you get to sleep with ease.

Dim the lights when the sun goes down – Light can mess with your body’s own melatonin production, so turning down the super bright lights in your home can help tell your body that it’s time to sleep soon.

No TV after 8pm – You’ve heard that the blue light – like the kind that comes from your TV, laptop and smartphone – can mess with your sleep. The blue lights from electronics can prevent the release of melatonin, so you don’t get sleepy when you should. So when you’re trying to maximize sleep, shut down the TV and laptop hours before you’re ready for bed.

Keep the light off when you go to the bathroom at night – No one wants you running into anything, so get a night light to guide you to the bathroom because turning on your bright lights can keep you from getting back to sleep after you go.

Have a glass of wine with dinner, but then cut yourself off – You know alcohol can mess with your sleep cycle, so the trick is to have a glass – or even two – just do it earlier in the evening. That way your body metabolizes it before you’re ready for your beauty rest and you still catch all the ZZZ’s you need.

Source: PureWow