Change In Leadership At WFMD/WFRE

New Market Manager named.

Frederick, Md. (DG)-The Market Manager of WFMD/ WFRE, Michael Banks, will be leaving Frederick and returning to New York radio for Connoisseur Media at the end of December.  Mr. Banks joined Free Talk 930 WFMD and Free Country 99.9 WFRE in August of 2014.

Director of Operations, Phyliss Betson, will become the Market Manager for both stations.

Mrs. Betson has been employed with the radio group since 2001.  She also worked for Musical Heights, Inc. at Z104 and 82Q.

“I grew up in Lander, Maryland and attended Frederick County Schools.  Frederick is an amazing place to grow up and to also raise a family”, Betson said.  “Being the manager of WFMD and WFRE presents the challenge to keep it involved with the listeners and advertisers in the area.  Our team here will continue to provide the best local talk radio and local sports on WFMD and the best country music both new country and some of the hits of yesterday on WFRE.”

Both radio stations are leaders in the community.

WFMD’s Christmas Cash For Kids has raised nearly $2 million since 2001 for the Salvation Army in Frederick, Md.

WFRE’s fundraising efforts have brought in over $4 million for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital over the past nine years.

WFRE/WFMD is owned and operated by Aloha Trust, LLC.

For further details contact Phyliss Betson at (301) 663-4181.


By:  Dianah Gibson