Mayor: Demolition Required For South Market St. Property

He says the building is an ‘imminent danger.’


Frederick, Md (KM)  Frederick Mayor Randy McClement has issued an emergency notice to the owners of 56 South Market Street which says the building must be demolished. In a statement from City Hall, the Mayor said this structure and facade constitute an imminent danger, and the owner needs to move forward in applying for a permit to tear down the building, and work as quickly as possible after getting the permit.

Officials say the Mayor acted as soon as possible following guidance from engineers, inspectors and legal staff.
He says when a building is labeled as an imminent danger, it’s unlawful for anyone to enter except from the purposes of demolishing it. Danger notices will be posted on the property.

The Mayor says the building’s owner has received instructions and a timetable to follow for the demolition.

“Only in extraordinary cases, and  only after following all legal processes, would the city take such a drastic step to declare a building dangerous and unsafe, and of course, we will do it because it involves public safety,” Mayor McClement says in a statement. “That is my highest priority.”

Last month, the Historic Preservation Commission denied the owner’s request to tear down this building.


By Kevin McManus