Frederick City Mayor McClement Discusses Vision For Hargett Farm Property

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) Frederick City Mayor Randy McClement was a guest on the Morning News Express this morning to discuss plans for the Hargett Farm Property.

The land was purchased in Frederick in 2008 to be used as a regional park, but has been sitting since then with no plans for construction.

Mayor Randy McClement said the property sits along Butterfly lane and would be difficult for construction equipment to get to. He said new roads would have to be made to gain easier access into the site.

“It’s not as simple as people think, I could sit here and tell you, let’s just go build a field and lets do this or that, and it’s my intent to do those things, but when i’ve got engineers and I’ve got legal people and all these people that say, here’s what the rules say and what you have to follow. Okay, we’ll take care of that, so it takes a little longer,” said Mayor McClement.

He said the other problem is, officials must come to a decision on the layout of the 138-acre parcel, which could take time.

“For as long as time, as long as i’ve been there, they’ve been talking about what should be on that. So, ball-fields, we put the ball-fields in there and then there’s also talk about aquatics. There’s been a big push about aquatic centers,” said Mayor McClement.

He says the park property was purchased for 18-million dollars. Part of the parcel was sold to the Frederick County School system for Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.