College Program Announced For Students in Juvenile Services Center

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) A new program that is providing college courses for students that are involved in Juvenile Services is being offered at Frederick Community College.

Eligible students from the Victor Cullen Center in Sabiliasville can now take online core classes through FCC.

Bill Reinhard, with the Maryland State Department of Education, says the program is called Building Bridges Toward College Success.

“We think this particular program really does that, it’s really the second one we’ve put together. We have one other program, but this one for Victor Cullen and some of those students that have had some fairly difficult hurdles to overcome, we want to keep them looking forward and looking forward to improving their education,” said Reinhard.

He said the purpose of the program is simple.

“Our goal is for that student to take what they’ve learned at Victor Cullen and use it and never go back to one of those facilities,” said Reinhard.

Reinhard says, to be eligible students must have graduated with their high school requirements and proven their ability to do college-level work.

BY: Katie Ryan