County Getting The Word Out About Recycling

Citizens can go on line for information.

(Frederick, Md) KM. The recycling rate in Frederick County is just over 50%, according to County Executive Jan Gardner. During her public information briefing on Thursday, Gardner said she wants to see that rate increase.

She also said there are many benefits to recycling. “Recycling does help conserve important raw materials, and protects natural habitats for the future. And recycling saves energy,” Gardner says. “Using recycled  materials in the manufacturing process can use considerably less energy than what would be required for new products made from raw materials.” She said more energy is needed to extract, refine and transport raw materials.

It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protects air and water quality, and saves space at the county landfill, she says.

During the presentation, Recycling Outreach Program Analyst Annmarie Creamer said for citizens who already recycle, they can keep track of when to place out their blue bins for collection. “One of them that is newer and we think is very exciting is the ability to choose a communication format, whether you would like a phone call, a text message or a tweet, and we’ll remind you every other week when your recycling day is,” Creamer says.

In addition, she says the county can send out reminders to citizens when inclement weather pushes back their pickup day.

Creamer also says the county’s recycling website ( can describe what items are recyclable, which can be composted and what should be thrown away in the regular trash.

Also, residents can find out about special events coming up which deal with recycling. “So if you’d like to know when our ‘Household Hazardous Waste’ events are, or just stay in the loop on things going on with the Department of Solid Waste Management, there’s a whole range of services that you can select what information you would like to have. So you get the info you want, how you want it and when you want it. It’s very customizable,” she said.

Creamer says you don’t need a smart phone to access these services. She says you  get these details from a desk top computer or any place that has access to the internet. “If you do have a smart phone or tablet, we also have a free mobile app,” she says. “So we encourage residents who can to go ahead and download that because it takes all this information that we just looked at and puts in your hand, on the go, in a very easy to use format.”

She says 13,000 citizens have downloaded that  app to their smart phones, and 17,000 subscribe to the reminder services.

The phone number to call for the Frederick County Office of Recycling is 301-600-2960.


By Kevin McManus